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Should you’re going to make a film a few kraken — these big multi-tentacled sea monsters believed to wrestle ships from under — then laptop animation is fingers down the best way to go. The difficulty with doing so at a significant American studio is that it comes with the crucial to show these fantastical creatures into cutesy-wootsy kid-movie fodder, which is exactly what DreamWorks Animation does with the moderately intelligent myth-twisting toon “Ruby Gillman, Teenage Kraken.” The inventive staff’s high-concept take suggests “Twilight” as a (literal) fish-out-of-water comedy, whereby a household of blue-skinned squid-things try to move as human.

Fifteen years in the past, Flora (voiced by Toni Collette) and Peter (Colman Domingo) deserted the ocean to lift their youngsters on land. Regardless of the plain hurdles — their conspicuous cerulean tint, floppy limbs and invertebrate standing — they’ve been moderately profitable at mixing in. Anytime somebody seems suspicious, Ruby (Lana Condor) simply says she’s from Canada, and that does the trick. However Ruby’s not almost as snug together with her personal otherness, which she’s spent her complete life making an attempt to disguise. All of that will get much more tough a couple of days earlier than promenade, when she dives into the ocean to avoid wasting her crush, Connor (Jaboukie Younger-White). Contact with water awakens one thing deep inside Ruby and releases her interior kraken.

It’s a bizarre premise, seeing as how nobody has ever handled krakens this manner earlier than on display. They’re not like sasquatches or teen wolves — creatures which can be moderately anthropomorphic to begin with, and about whom dozens of initiatives exist already. Director Kirk DeMicco (“The Croods,” “Vivo”) and co-helmer Faryn Pearl are mainly juggling two concepts right here.

The primary is a reasonably normal undercover-teenage-monster film, by which one thing — often puberty — threatens to show a personality doing his or her greatest to maintain a low profile in highschool. (Pixar did one thing related with “Turning Purple” final yr.) The second — and extra authentic — thought is a super-cartoony tackle krakens, the place the fearsome monsters are reimagined as forces for good, with googly eyes and spectacular phosphorescent our bodies, trapped in an historical battle with evil mermaids (one other revisionist take). This rivalry performs out through massive effects-driven battle scenes becoming of a Godzilla film, however doesn’t essentially appear to observe from the opposite adolescent angst story.

“South Park” veteran Pam Brady, who shares screenwriting credit score with Brian C. Brown and Elliott DiGuiseppi, brings all types of humorous concepts to the movie, which DeMicco does an admirable job of juggling. However there’s a less complicated, extra honest film beneath all of it that appears to be taunting audiences, like a glowing form from deep under. Should you purchase the notion that krakens shrink right down to human scale — and that none-too-bright individuals could be daft sufficient to not spot them — then the highschool scenes are charming. Ruby’s an enormous nerd with a head for quadratic equations, and she or he’s having bother working up the nerve to ask her research buddy to promenade (it’s fairly clear he feels the identical means about her). Not that overprotective Flora would let her attend anyway.

Bored with what her mates name “your mother’s irrational anti-ocean rule,” Ruby decides to analyze her kraken id, swimming down to satisfy her Grandmamah (Jane Fonda, who feels like a sea monster with a pack-a-day smoking behavior). Ruby’s shocked to be taught that the Gillmans are royalty, which implies she’s a princess — a revelation that makes her much more reluctant to return to her previous life on land, particularly after her transformation left the locals terrified. She’s even bought salty previous sailor Gordon Lighthouse (Will Forte) out trying to find her. In the meantime, in water, Ruby takes the type of an unlimited bioluminescent squid that may shoot lasers from her eyes, design challenges that decision for some really dazzling visible results (nothing so attractive as “Avatar: The Approach of Water,” however much more inviting than the gloomy undersea kingdoms of “Black Panther: Wakanda Perpetually” and the live-action “Littler Mermaid”). Very quickly, Ruby’s forgotten all about Connor and promenade, focusing her consideration as an alternative on coaching her newfound powers.

Suspiciously sufficient, at almost the identical time that Ruby discovers that she’s a monster (in people’ eyes, a minimum of), a super-confident redhead named Chelsea Van Der Zee (Annie Murphy) arrives in school. The immediately in style new lady sees one thing in Ruby that the opposite college students don’t, and very quickly, we be taught that she’s a mermaid. Simply moments earlier than, Ruby was warned about these “egocentric, useless narcissists.” Selecting to disregard Grandmamah, Ruby as an alternative trusts this fishy new good friend, who’s clearly utilizing her to seek out the omnipotent magic trident. As soon as that spear falls into the improper fingers, the film levels an enormous “The Little Mermaid”-like finale, at which level the villain rises as much as conquer all — solely this time, the tentacled characters are good, whereas it’s a mermaid (in exaggeratedly ugly type) who does the terrorizing.

Through the massive showdown, the film retains chopping to the opposite characters, which is sufficient to make you understand how efficient the filmmakers have been at offering personalities to the remainder of their ensemble — together with goofy Uncle Brill (Sam Richardson) and a various combine of faculty mates. It’s a disgrace that the plot will get so carried away with the supernatural energy battle, because the mile-a-minute film is way extra participating when centered on Ruby — an interesting new addition to the DreamWorks Animation household — the sitcom-ready facet of kraken-human relations. The studio is all the time on the lookout for a brand new franchise, so possibly that dynamic will drive a TV collection or spin-off sooner or later. In characteristic type, nonetheless, the spectacular sequences distract from Ruby’s private battle, stopping this kraken story from going as deep because it may need.

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