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It is a well-worn trope in each superhero media and science fiction as an total style. If a personality messes round with forces far past their understanding — like, I do not know, the very cloth of area and time — then they solely have themselves guilty if and when issues spiral wildly uncontrolled. Generally, that situation is handled extra actually with a reveal that the villain our hero comes up towards repeatedly is definitely … themselves.

That is precisely the rug-pull that “The Flash” makes an attempt. Pushed by his ache over having primarily misplaced each his mother and father on the identical traumatic day as a toddler, Barry actually runs away from his issues by utilizing his super-speed to journey sooner than he ever has earlier than till he finds himself in some weird, metaphysical world he dubs the Chrono Bowl. Together with his recollections organized in an amphitheater-like assortment, he discovers he can truly minimize by means of area/time to revisit them at will and, naturally, chooses to make one tiny change prior to now that can have unexpected ripple results. However simply when Barry’s about to make his manner again to his current timeline, a ghoulish-looking entity comes out of nowhere and forcibly shoves him out of the Velocity Drive into a really particular universe that places him face-to-face together with his youthful alternate self. Trapped collectively and compelled to group as much as save their world, the youthful Barry ultimately develops an much more intense obsession to vary the previous in any respect prices.

As we quickly be taught, each failure turns youthful Barry into an increasing number of of a twisted model of himself — till we notice he turns into the very monster that set all this chaos in movement within the first place. Does that sound acquainted?


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