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Is “Shooter” a hidden traditional? Are movie watchers of the world uncovering a secret masterpiece that got here and went with little fanfare in 2007? 

Most definitely not. “Shooter” is the very definition of “nothing else was on” when watching it on cable TV. It is the proper film for airplane viewing. It is the kind of transfer used to fill out a catalog or playlist, not the one folks go to with enthusiasm. “Shooter” is a “consolation watch.” One may even watch it twice or thrice, not as a result of it is intriguing, however particularly as a result of it is not. “Shooter” is simple to eat, simple to know, and simply forgotten. 

“Shooter” was solely warmly met when it first got here out opening to a mere $14 million, behind the animated movie “TMNT.” It presently holds a very applicable 48% approval score on Rotten Tomatoes. Many of the critiques cited Wahlberg’s noticeable weak point at enjoying a stoic “robust man” character like Bob Lee Swagger was on the web page. The character is known as Swagger. Maybe rent an actor with that high quality. 

Arguably probably the most beloved factor about “Shooter” is its unabashed and irresponsible weapons fetish, a top quality famous by the world’s gun nuts. There’s a web site on the market, misplaced in barren, alkali flats of the web, known as the Web Film Firearms Database, which meticulously data particulars of each gun utilized by any character in any film. That web site’s entry for “Shooter” accommodates particulars on six sniper rifles, 5 assault rifles, 4 machine weapons, eight handguns, two shotguns, and two mortar launchers. For those who like cinema, “Shooter” is unapologetically mediocre. For those who like bullets, eh, fuggedaboutit. 


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