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“The Flash” is the type of action-drama superhero spectacle that’s bursting with callbacks and nostalgia-driven Easter eggs, and director Andy Muschietti does a moderately good job of balancing the scales with a storyline that instantly warrants these references. Keaton’s Batman is the clearest instance of being greater than nostalgia bait or fanservice — if something, his character is a reminder of how rightfully beloved this iteration of Batman is, being an ideal mixture of grounded skepticism and admirable heroics.

The twin Barrys and Batman resolve to journey to Serbia, as they imagine that Kal-El is being stored there in an underground facility. As a substitute of discovering Kal-El, they discover a weakened Kara Zoe-El (Sasha Calle), who the OG Barry decides to rescue anyway. After the youthful Barry unintentionally takes a bullet in an try and apprehend one of many dudes on the website, Keaton plunges into motion, singlehandedly taking down each guard in his approach, resulting in a brutal, thrilling hallway combat scene that emerges as a reversal of the Darth Vader look on the finish of “Rogue One.”

Keaton’s Batman has all the time been one to get closest to usurping his “no-killing” rule, as evidenced in one “Batman Returns” scene the place he straps a bomb to a baddie and tosses him into the sewer, and the bomb actually explodes. Whereas there appear to be no deaths right here, there certainly are heavy casualties, due to Batman swooping by means of the air and swiftly kicking butts left and proper, whereas utilizing his grapple hook to lurch enemies towards him — a moderately grounded, real looking equal of Vader’s power choke. He additionally makes use of his cape as a literal protect to direct all fireplace at him to supply the Barrys with an opportunity to take Kara to security.


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